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Here we provide everything that developers need:
with a fully integrated CI/CD pipeline, code repositories and review tools, a logging service and a powerful identity provider

The MSI Development ecosystem

Software development needs a solid foundation.

We provide everything what developers need to easy build and run compliant software. We are able to support all teams within the VW Group, so that building & operating new software is fun. So you can concentrate on the really important topics – enhancing your customer's experience.

No matter, if you only need an easy to use CI/CD pipeline, fully integrated code repositories, a powerful logging service or a state of the art identity provider (IDP). With our ecosystem, the MSI Development Tools, MSI Bitbucket and MSI IDP you will get all these services you need in one place.

Every tool fulfills the IT risk and information processes of AUDI AG. So, by using MSI Platform Services, you are automatically compliant with VW Group requirements.

MSI Development Tools

MSI Bitbucket – fully integrated code repository

Gives teams one place to plan projects, collaborate on code, test, and deploy

  • Fully integrated with MSICollaboration Tools
  • Self service user management
  • AUDI AG IT Security approved for confidential and personal data

 direct link to MSI Bitbucket >

Jenkins – the open source automation server

In our shared responsibility model we provide Jenkins instances deployed in a dedicated Kubernetes namespace. 

  • All the necessary tools available 
  • Management and a monitoring dashboard
  • You manage your build images, pod template and build jobs inside Jenkins.
  • Shared Responsibility Model
  • Active user community with regular Meetups, Q&A space, chat channel for knowledge and best practice exchange

Click to get a 30 days trial namespace (internal link) >


the repository manager that fully supports all major package formats


continuous code inspection


Identity provider with real SSO functionality
  • Easy authorization by self-managed groups based on the MSI User management tool, so you can manage rights and roles by yourself.
  • Easy and fast online setup via well documented OIDC standard
  • Optional account linking with VW Group K-UMS or GRP
  • Single sign on (SSO) to all connected applications

Here you get an out-of-the-box and easy to implement user management, based on current standards (OIDC). With this you get a full single sign on functionality for your apps together with the MSI Platform Services.

At a glance …

Why should I use the MSI Dev Tools?
  • State of the art CI/CD pipelines

  • Dedicated Kubernetes namespace

  • Shared Responsibility Model

  • Ultra high speed 5 star rated support

  • Accessible from anywhere. Only requirement: your valid e-mail address & credentials

  • Active user community with regular Meetups, Q&A space, chat channel for knowledge and best practice exchange

  • Easy and fast internal billing process via DLV with online Billing Account